Search for Parts of Speech

Parts of speech are used for communication in writing and oral communication. We have to understand how parts of speech are used, not only in academic and formal language but also in informal conversations and in writing of emails and letters. So, let’s have a look at some common parts of speech used in English and how they are used in English.

The common part of speech are verbs and adjectives. Verbs are active, and usually take the verb of the sentence. Adjectives describe and add meaning to the nouns in the sentence. Adjectives usually begin with the letter 'a' or 'the', depending on their meaning. For instance the verb in the following sentence is to tell, which takes the verb tell. "He told his father the story of his trip to New York." In the previous sentence, the adjective is an active adjective, which means the person who tells the story of his trip to New York.